How to Index Articles Fast in Google

In this video, we’re gonna show you How to Index Articles Fast Using Google Cloud Console. This is a legiit method that google offers for bloggers. I’ll show your a complete process step by step. How to Index Article fast in google using Google APIs.

We’ll use RankMath Instant Indexing plugin and Google Cloud Console / Google APIs to do that. This will help us index articles fast in google. RankMath is an amazing all in one SEO Plugin and also help us setup Instant Indexing for your blog.

Follow the steps below:)

  1. Go to google cloud console
  2. Create new project
  3. Select project
  4. Go to Iam & Admins > Service Accounts
  5. Create service account “Create email account”
  6. Click on flyout button > Manager Keys > Add Key > Create New Keys > Download JSON file
  7. Install & Activate Instant Indexing Plugin
  8. Upload JSON file to Instant Indexing plugin
  9. Google cloud console > Details > Copy email
  10. Google Search Console > Settings > Users & Permissions > Add new email as an owner.
  11. Go to the link “In the Description” > Select cloud console account > Enable
  12. Go to google cloud console > API & Services > oAth & Consent Screen > External > Create > Fillout all the details and Add domain.
  13. Done!

Watch full video:)

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