Proxy Seller Review: The Definitive Guide (Is it Legit?)

There are several Proxy providers in the market but maximum those providers are so bad and not legitimate. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable Proxy provider with top-notch uptime and support, you’ve landed at the right place. This is the ultimate Proxy Seller Review that offers a wide range of proxies for different countries.

We’ll be covering all you need to know about Proxy Seller, we’ll mention its pros and cons to help you make a good decision. Before diving deep into the features they offer, let’s take a look at the highlighted features of Proxy Seller.

Proxy Seller comes with datacenter, residential and IPv4 & IPv6, ISP proxies with a speed of 1 Gbps speed channel. All of the proxies support Socks5 and HTTP(s) and you can get a username and password to access the proxy with whitelisting authentication methods.

Proxy / IP TypeIPv4 & IPv6, ISP, residential
SupportsEmail / ticket (Quick response)
Filtering / TargetingCountries
AuthenticationUsername and password
IP RotationStatic IPs
PriceDepends on the type and location
Free TrialNo
Refund policy24 hours

The proxy will be private and you’re the only one to access through given details. So, it will be completely secure and fast. Another great thing that I wanna mention here is it uses your computer resources to work, which means you’ll get the same speed as your regular browser. So, it’s perfect to use instead of RDPs which are slow and irritating.

As I mentioned earlier, Proxy Seller offers various types of Proxies such as residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies. I believe this is one of the best sites I’ve ever come across for proxies. For their datacenter proxies, you’re free to go for IPv6 or IPv4 proxies, but you’ll get to use a private proxy.

When it comes to Residential proxies, there are two options, either you can choose high rotating proxy, which means it will change IPs frequently. And there is also a static residential proxy, mentioned on their website as an ISP proxy. Proxy Seller also offers Mobile Proxy LTE with unlimited bandwidth, you can browse packages here.

Reliable payment optionsLimited Proxy protocols.
Great location coverageNo chat support, but instant email reply.
Decent internet speed
Beginner friendly plateform
Instant email support

Proxy Seller Review – Pros

Of course, there are some pros and cons of Proxy Seller, that we’ll discuss now. When it comes to the overall package that Proxy Seller has to offer is pretty great, but accessing the sites with highly strict anti-spam protection might not be accessible. Here are some top pros and cons below:

Payment options and flexibility

The thing I love about Proxy Seller is they offer multiple payment options. You pay through PayPal, Visa, or Mastercard, and there are some other options as well. And as compared to other providers, it’s super cheap yet offering unmatchable proxy types, and a good location coverage.

Unlike other providers, Proxy Seller doesn’t force you to get a bundle of proxies as a minimum requirement. You can even get 1 proxy or buy as many as you want. Select your favourite type from the menu on their site, and choose your location. Because this is a comprehensive Proxy Seller Review so I’ll be discussing almost all the top features in this article.

Submit your order information and payment option, and done. The proxy will be assigned to your account and details will also be sent to your email within a minute.

Along with the quantity you need, the rental period option is quite amazing too. You can choose your required rental period as per your requirements. You can even get for 1 week, 2 weeks, 1-12 months. When you choose your proxy type, location, and rental period, it will show you the final price.

Here is a tip, if you get more rental duration, it’ll get cheaper. So, if you’re thinking of long-term, go for 6-12 months so you can get the best price possible.

If you get a proxy for 12 months, you can grab up to 40% of the price reduction, that’s massive I believe. And as I mentioned above, you can pay through PayPal, Bitcoin, and a card.

proxy seller review

Location coverage

Proxy Seller covers a wide range of locations all over the globe. Which location is supported, depends on the proxy type you select whether you go for mobile, datacenter, or residential proxies.

You can get residential proxies for almost 220 countries which is incredible compared to other providers. Not just this, you can even choose a specific state or city in which you want a Proxy IP.

And if you get the datacenter proxies, you can choose from over 40 countries across the world. Proxy Seller is offering the most extensive areas of coverage in the datacenter proxies category. For the mobile proxy category, you can choose from almost 20 countries.

Proxy Seller recently offered their Proxy Setup services where you can get the proxy for your location. So, if you want that, you can order a Mobile proxy setup service.

Internet speed and experience

I’ve been using their services for a long now and can say, it’s pretty decent. I’ve tested it on different sites and I’m sure you’ll get the same speed that you usually see in your regular browsing without proxy. Overall, it will not disappoint you in terms of speed, and I do think Proxy Seller is providing the best proxy speed in the market.

Beginner friendly interface

The easiness of using Proxy Seller is the finest strength compared to other similar sites. Their website is minimally designed with fewer options on the page. You can easily sign in to your account with a username and password. On the dashboard, you can see your orders where you can access your proxy details. Proxy Seller also has an affiliate program so you can promote it to your friends and make money.

Proxies authentication

The proxy country will be chosen on the order page before the payment. But you won’t be able to change your location after placing an order, so make sure you decide before the payment. You can also download your proxies in CSV or TXT formats. Proxy authentication will be with a username and password so you can use these credentials to access your IP.

Reliable support

I know users want to get their issues resolved instantly, this is an issue that Proxy Seller needs to address or pay more attention to. They don’t offer live chat support, which I think should be offered. But you can send Tickets or emails and they provide instant replies and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

They have good customer service, whether you’re facing an issue with your Proxy, they’ll resolve or replace you with a new one. You can also get in touch with them on their social media channels.

Proxy Seller Review – Cons

These were some of the highlighted features of this service. As I promised this is a comprehensive Proxy Seller Review so we’ll cover all you need to know. So, here are some downsides of Proxy Seller or things they need to pay attention to.

Compatibility concerns

If you go to the official website of the Proxy Seller, they mention that their proxies work with any type of website e.g. social media, sneaker websites, ticketing, etc. But as of my experience, some websites with high spam protection are inaccessible with these proxies.

Having said that, most of the frequently used sites are accessible with these proxies. And if you face an issue of not reaching the site, you can clear the cookies or replace your proxy and hopefully, it’ll work.

We mostly use these types of proxies to access e-commerce marketplaces or financial services, and it works well there. But if you’re planning to use it for watching movie sites or Netflix, then Proxy Seller might not be an option for you.


I’ve been using Proxy Seller for a long now and can say it’s reliable and pocket-friendly. Because if you go for a proper VPS, it can cost you around $30 per month which is expensive and not affordable. But you can set up your desired country proxy for 5-6 months at this price, so, it’s a huge difference.

My recommendation

Overall these proxies work with a great number of sites, including market, and banking. offering numerous payment options with excellent location coverage. If you’re gonna use it for marketplaces or managing different accounts, I highly recommend Proxy Seller. But of course for sneaker sites, you can look for some other proxy options.

After reviewing it and discussing the pros and cons of the service. I can easily say Proxy Seller is offering quality services and is completely worth it. I’m satisfied with the services and support they offer at this price range.

The proxies are fast, secure, and easy to use, mobile proxies work nicely. The only downside I can say is you can’t access sensitive sites that use high security and anti-spam. But overall, it’s an excellent service and recommended surely.

How to use Proxy Seller Proxy?

As I’ve mentioned above, Proxy Seller provides you with the username and password to access your proxy IP. So, get your proxy and when you receive your details, you can use and access your Proxy. Copy the IP address you get, port, login, and password.

When you have these details copied to your notepad. You need a browser or desktop app where you can attach this proxy to use. So, I would highly recommend you go for Gologin, which is the best Multi-accounting browser that allows you to attach your custom Proxy IP.

So, head over to Gologin and create your account then download the Gologin app to your computer. Open it and log in to your account, and if there is any profile you see there, just delete it. And create a new profile, choose Proxy > Your Proxy, then add the proxy details that you copied from Proxy Seller, and create your profile.

Done, your custom proxy profile will be created in Gologin, just run it and the browser will open. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments and share them with those who want to learn about it.

Proxy Seller Review – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Proxy Seller offer lifetime deals?

No, you can only subscribe for a limited rental period for a specific Proxy IP.

Can I use Amazon, and eBay selling accounts in Proxy Seller IP?

Yes, you can create or manage Amazon or eBay accounts or even bank accounts in these proxies,

Is Proxy Seller IP safe to use?

Yes, as we’re using private proxies, and Gologin to access the proxy. So, it’s safe and secure to use.

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