Are Printify and Shopify the Same Company?

When it comes to e-commerce and selling online, there is this common question “Are Printify and Shopify the same company?”. So, the answer is no, both of these are popular e-commerce service platforms.

They are both separate entities providing different services in E-commerce. Shopify offers all one E-commerce solution, but on the other hand, Printify is a Print on Demand platform that you can use to sell your designs on Printify’s products.

Don’t worry if you’re still confused, I’ll be addressing this question in detail and tell you what are Shopify and Printify and what are these platforms for.

Shopify is a platform that allows individuals and businesses to launch and manage their online stores. It comes with tons of amazing features that a user wants to build a professional and converting store.

Printify is a print-on-demand website that contains thousands of blank products. You can put your designs on their products as a sample mockup and promote your listings.

When someone places an order in your Store, Printify will print your design on their products, and ship it to customers. You don’t have to manage anything e.g. Shipping, inventory, returns, etc. You’ll just be focusing on promotional strategies and getting more and more orders.

Shopify VS Printify – Let’s Start The Battle

Printify and Shopify, both gave opportunities to entrepreneurs to create and run their online stores and earn through them. The major difference between Shopify and Printify is that: Shopify is a complete e-commerce platform where you can sell anything but Printify is an e-commerce platform that gives only print-on-demand services. Now we are going to give a detailed comparison of them one by one.

Shopify – Thorough Investigation

Are Printify and Shopify the Same Company

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows business owners to create their online stores and sell their brands across the globe. Instead of building a physical store in one place, it helps you to reach more customers and sell your product anywhere in the world.

Shopify gives a user-friendly interface that can be easily understandable by anyone. Even people who don’t know how to code can create their store without facing any difficulty. It can easily be accessible by using any device like a laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Enthralling Features Of Shopify

Shopify will give you all the features from managing your store to enhancing its functionalities. It’s the emerging SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for all entrepreneurs who are seeking the best E-commerce platform for managing, marketing, and selling online. Let’s get in-depth knowledge about its every feature one by one:

Brand Establishment

Establish your brand by creating an online store at Shopify and selling across the world. You can get a customized domain name as per your brand name. It also helps you to create images and logos for your brand in a more professional way. You can create customized invoices by using its tools.

Appealing Templates

There are a lot of templates and themes available that will add beauty to your store. Choose the best template and color combinations to make your store more attractive and appealing to the customers.

Centralized Management System

Shopify provides incredible ways to manage your online store from inventory to sale. Its automatic inventory tracking tool tells you how much stock of a particular product is remaining. It also automatically prevents customers from buying any product that runs out of stock.

Seamless Payment Processing

It offers its secure payment system called Shopify payments. If your Shopify payment is activated then all the payments given by the customer are directly transferred to it. You can also add your custom payment methods to receive payments by accepting the credit cards that are acceptable by Shopify.

Enhanced SEO Tools

Business owners can enhance their online visibility with the help of the best SEO strategies. Shopify offers incredible SEO tools to make your store rank at SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) which will enhance your business by reaching more customers. You can easily get the smart SEO application on the Shopify app store that can automatically optimize the site maps, Meta tags, Alt text, etc.


If you don’t have your product to sell on Shopify then you can use its dropshipping feature by getting products from third parties and listing them on your Shopify store. For example, you can create your account on Printify, create print-on-demand products, and then list them on your Shopify store to generate sales.

Marketing Opportunities

Shopify helps you to engage your customers by providing amazing marketing tools. You can easily start marketing campaigns for your store on Google Shopping and Facebook within Shopify. It also provides an automatic tool that sends emails to engage your customers. For example, if customers add your product to their cart and don’t place an order then it sends them an email to check out they forgot their add-to products.

Automation Tools

The automation tools of Shopify give you ease to the next level. There are a lot of tools that you can use to enhance your productivity. From sending emails to SEO everything is done incredibly via these automated tools.

Shopify POS (Point Of Sale)

Shopify POS is an application that helps you to manage and sell the products in your physical store. You can also sync with your online store so that you can easily track all the orders in a centralized place whether your customers buy your product whether electronically or physically.

Pros Of Shopify

  • Easy to set up and run your online store.
  • Offers secured payment system.
  • Incredible templates and appealing themes.
  • A wider range of customizing options.
  • Offers great customer service.
  • Support a wide range of businesses.
  • Helps to grow your business with great SEO tools.

Printify – Detailed Analysis

Printify is an e-commerce platform that provides print-on-demand services where you have to create your designs and then sell these customized products without keeping them in stock. It acts as a middleman that connects you to the best printing companies.

If you have an online store then you can connect it to Printify and sell your product around the world. There are more than 800 blank products including mugs, t-shirts, stickers, hoodies, etc. The main thing is to create your designs and place them on the products that you are going to sell like t-shirts, mugs, etc.

Are Printify and Shopify the Same Company

Fascinating Features Of Shopify

Printify offers a lot of amazing features that are listed below:

Customized Products

Printify offers you more than 800 blank products where you can place your customized designs, logos, images, etc. The mockup generator will help you to know how your applied design will look on these blank products after printing. So you can easily know where and how to place your design that gives a perfect look to the [product that you are going to sell.

Sell on different platforms

You can sell your customized product across various e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, Wix, etc. This feature will help you to enhance your sales by listing your product on more than one platform.

Managing Catalog

Printify helps you to easily manage your product catalog and monitor it.

Design Collaboration

Users can also use existing designs and add a little bit of their creativity which helps designers to bring new ideas.

Shipping Across The Globe

Printify has a huge global partner network that helps you to sell your product across the globe. No matter whether your product is ordered from Canada, USA, Mexico, or anywhere in the world it will ship your products to the customers.

Pros Of Printify

  • Provides a user-friendly interface.
  • 90+ printing facilities across the world
  • Offers 24/7 merchant support.
  • Help to enhance your artistic skills.
  • Offers shipping calculator.

Printify VS Shopify – From a Pricing Perspective

Printify and Shopify offer different charges to give access to entrepreneurs. Let’s discuss their pricing details one by one:

Printify Pricing

Printify offers paid as well as free plans to its users. If you have just started your business then the free plan will help you to use their free services to grow your business. And when your business runs well you can buy their paid plans to get enhanced features that help you to generate more sales. There are three plans offered by Printify:

Free Plan:

In the free plan you can you can access features like 5 stores per account, 24/7 merchant support, access to integrations, custom order importing, unlimited product designs, and a mockup generator.

Premium Plan:

Printify charges you 24.$99/per month for its premium plan. in which you will get benefits like support for 10 stores per account, up to 20% discount on all the products, and Unlimited product designs.

Enterprise Plan

The Printify enterprise plan offers customized pricing which means it will charge you different prices as per your needs. If you’re earning more than 10,000 then you should consider getting this plan. This plan includes unlimited stores per account, additional discounts on all products, unlimited product design, and additional features as per your needs.

Shopify Pricing

Shopify offers 5 different plans for its users that will charge you from $1 to $399 except the enterprise plan
$1/Month For Three Months If you want to use Shopify free then it will charge you only $1 per month for the first three months.

Starter Plan

The Shopify starter plan charges you $5/month and is best for you if you sell via social media platforms and messaging applications.

Basic Plan

The Shopify basic plan charges you $25/month and you will get features like 10 inventory locations, conversion checkout facility, sell across the globe, standard analytics, 24/7 chat service, discount codes, customer segmentation, gift cards, abandoned cart recovery, etc.

Shopify Plan

To get the Shopify plan you will have to pay $65/month and get these features like converting checkouts, 24/7 chat support, 5 additional staff accounts, localized global selling, 10 inventory locations, standard analytics, E-commerce automation, and lower transaction rates.

Advanced Plan

The advanced plan will cost you $399/month and you will access features like 15 additional staff accounts, 10 inventory locations, custom reports and analytics, converting checkouts, enhanced 24/7 chat support, lower payment processing rates, and global customization.

Does Shopify Work With Printify?

Yes, Shopify works with Printify and helps you to enhance your business. If you have an online store on Shopify and you want to sell customized products that come under print-on-demand services then choosing Printify would be the best solution for you. Sell your printing products by listing them to your store at Shopify.

How To Use Printify With Shopify?

You can easily use Printify with Shopify by following these steps:

  • First of all, from the Shopify app store you have to install the Printify app.
  • Now create your Printify account.
  • Now log in to your Printify account go to the drop-down menu and click on the button ‘add a Store.’
  • Then along with the Shopify option, you will see the connect button, click on it.
  • Now you can use the Printify app directly in the Shopify dashboard.
  • To upload Printify products on Shopify, go to Printify and click on the option ‘add product.’
  • Now select a product, upload your design, enter details of the product, and click on publish to Shopify.
  • Your product will be listed at your Shopify store.

Printify VS Shopify – Which Is Best For You

If you are confused about which platform is best for your business then we say why choose you should use both platforms together to grow your business. But if you are considering choosing between them instead of using both then you should go with the one which fulfills your needs.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to sell your products that are based on the print-on-demand category then create your store on Shopify and sell anything there. If you want to come into the field of customized product selling then you must use both Printify and Shopify to reach more customers.

Final Verdict

After this thorough investigation of Shopify and Printify, we will suggest you use both platforms and enhance your business. Both platforms offer incredible features and hassle-free produce-selling opportunities.

FAQs – Are Printify and Shopify the Same Company?

Is Printify Better Than Shopify?

Both platforms are best on their own. Printify offers appealing and creative customized designs that can attract customers. While Shopify offers a complete e-commerce solution to any business owner.

Can I Use Printify Without Shopify?

Yes, you can use Printify by connecting it to any other e-commerce platform like BigCommerce, Etsy, or your e-commerce website.

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