NeuronWriter VS Surfer SEO – Review & Comparision

As we know, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is taking over almost every field in the world, so some AI tools help you to write SEO-optimized content using NLP (Natural Language Processing) even better and faster than human beings. All the content creators are trying to be on the top rank at SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) of every search engine.

So, there are two most popular content optimization tools available, NeuronWriter & Surfer SEO. But people get confused while picking the best one.

This is a comprehensive NeuronWriter VS Surfer SEO review in which we’ll cover all of their highlighted features and see which one is best for you.

There are a lot of AI tools for writing web content but today, we are focusing on the two popular AI writing tools which are NeuronWriter and Surfer SEO.

In today’s guide, you will get to know all the features of both tools as well as their pros and cons, and in the end, you will also reach the conclusion of which tool is best to meet your requirements.

Before getting into the details of both of these amazing tools, let me share with you some of the highlighted features so you can see what’s the basic difference. Then we’ll review each one and find out which one is better.

neuronwriter vs surfer seo

NeuronWriter VS Surfer SEO – Detailed Comparison

Now, we are going to discuss the main differences between Neuron Writer and Surfer SEO:

NeuronWriterSurfer SEO
Advanced NPL-based editor, content optimization, competitor analysis, rank higher in Google.Boost your SEO rankings with Surfer SEO strategies.
100,000+ users love NeuronWriter for their contentComplete article workflow, create an outline, build an SEO-friendly content structure, and skyrocket organic traffic.
Create high-ranking content with semantical SEO, content score, and content ideas.Keyword optimization, competitor analysis, and creating better content than your competitors.
Keyword optimization, competitor analysis, and creating better content than your competitors.Write and optimize content, create catchy headlines, and check plagiarism.
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NeuronWriter – Complete Exploration

NeuronWriter uses an advanced content optimization tool that uses Artificial intelligence. It helps you optimize your blog and social media content easier and faster; not only this, but you can also manage your content in a much better way.

It helps you find your top competitors, make your content better with NLP-based suggestions, and finalize Google-friendly content. You can also write content inside NeuronWriter, so you will get everything in this single tool.

neuron writer vs surfer seo

Unveiling Features Of NeuronWriter:

NeuronWriter offers some amazing features that will produce the best content for your websites:

Content Manager

NeuronWriter offers a content manager that helps you prioritize your content as per the market trends. You can also monitor your team check the progress and then update the status of every project that you are working on.

Competitor SERP Analysis

It helps you to take the comprehensive analysis of top-ranked content which helps you to enhance your SEO strategies to get the number one rank at SERP.

Internal Link Suggestions

It writes content that contains optimized interconnectivity which helps to engage the users by making them understand the written content.

Writes With NLP Terms

It provides the editor that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) that will write refined and best content on a given topic.

Work With Team

You can invite your team members to work on your projects. There is no limitation to adding team members in NeuronWriter. You can invite as many members as you need on your project.

Writing Assistant

It provides an in-built writing assistant that is powered by GPT-3 which helps you to write your content faster.


It can write and optimize your content in up to 170 different languages as per your needs.

User-Friendly Interface

NeuronWriter provides a user-friendly interface that can easily be understood by even a novice person.

Use Case

NeuronWriter mainly focuses on writing articles on different keywords. It produces content by using NLP that creates contextual relevance to enhance the reader’s engagement. It is used by professional writers and website content creators.

Pricing Detail

The pricing of NeuronWriter is based on a tiered model, which offers different plans at different prices. Its basic plan costs you $19/month.

NeuronWriter Pros and Cons

Easy to useAI writing assistant is not reliable
Offers many featuresCompatible with limited platforms
Advanced and comprehensive competitor analysis
Support multiple languages
Lifetime deal available

Surfer SEO – Thorough Inspection

Surfer SEO is an AI content writing and optimization tool that helps you create content that ranks higher in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) and beat your competitors.

It optimizes your content by analyzing and comparing against the top-notch blogs in the competition on that particular keyword and then produces the best content that will take your blog to the top rank on any search engine. It gives suggestions about on-page SEO as per the criteria of search engines.

Surfer SEO also gives precious recommendations on optimizing the content that includes better use of keywords, how many headings and subheadings you should use, and how long your content should be. Not only this you can also get help on different SEO aspects like site audits, keyword research, analysis of backlinks, etc.

neuron writer vs surfer seo

Prime Features Of Surfer SEO

Quality Content Generator

It helps you to generate the best AI-driven content from research to writing.

Outline Builder

Surfer SEO writes content that includes the perfect outlines including headings and questions.

Competitors Analysis

It compares and analyzes your content against top-ranked pages at SERP and then writes the best SEO-driven content for you.

Keyword Research

Surfer SEO analyzes your content and provides keyword-centric guidance that helps you to get the number one rank at SERP.


Surfer SEO can easily integrated with different tools like WordPress, Google Docs, and Jasper.

NLP (Natural Language Processing) Driven Tool

It uses the NLP model for optimizing keywords which helps to write content faster and better.

Plagiarism Check

The content generated by Surfer SEO is unique and plagiarism-free content for you.

Content Optimization

Surfer SEO mainly focuses on optimizing the content to make it appear at the top of SERP when someone searches for a particular keyword. It analyzes your content against 500 pages and then produces the best version, which ranks on top Search Engine Result Pages.

Team Work

You can invite 3 team members in its pro plan and up to 10 members in its business plan.

SEO Audit

It provides the feature of on-page SEO. It analyzes your existing pages and suggests how to improve your content from an SEO perspective.

Use Case

Surfer SEO is best for the website owners and the SEO professionals. It gives unique tools that help professionals optimize the on-page SEO of their websites to rank on top at SERP.

Pricing Detail

It can be purchased by anyone from freelancers to website owners to huge businesses. It is based on the tiered model of pricing. You will get different plans at different prices as per your needs. The entry-level plan starts from $139/month.

Surfer SEO Pros and Cons

Produce optimized AI contentFocuses more on SEO than content creation
Compatible with various platformsLimited refund period
Backlink analysisNo lifetime deal
Perfect Keyword research
Site audits
Detailed SERP analysis
Complete set of SEO tools
Free trial period

Things To Consider While Choosing NeuronWriter Or Surfer SEO

Whenever you are purchasing any AI tool between neuron writer and Surfer SEO, you must keep the following things in mind that help you to make better decisions.

Main Goal

First of all, you have to make it clear what is your main focus to get help from an AI writing tool. Whether you need to refine your writing skills or optimize your SEO strategies.

After knowing your goal, you should get any of these tools. For creative writing, you should get neuron writing and for SEO-Driven content, you should choose surfer SEO.

Collaboration Needs

The next thing is to know how many team members you have to add to your project. If you and your team work on refining their writing skills then you should get NeuronWriter. But if your team’s main focus is on SEO-driven content, then you should go with Surfer SEO.

Workflow Integration

Keep your existing platform in mind and then choose any tool that can easily integrate with your workflow. Because Neuron Writer offers limited integration with different platforms, while Surfer SEO is compatible with famous platforms like WordPress, Google Docs, etc.


After making a thorough investigation I concluded that both tools are best as per the needs of different perspectives. If you are a professional writer then NeuronWriter is best for you to refine your writing skills. On the other hand, if you are an SEO analyst, then your choice should be Surfer SEO. Both tools depend on your basic needs.

FAQs – NeuronWriter VS Surfer SEO

Is Surfer SEO good for SEO?

Yes, Surfer SEO is good for SEO and helps you to optimize content by giving an in-depth analysis of keywords to make your page appear on top at SERP.

How to enhance the SEO score of your website?

If you want to achieve 100% SEO on your website then you should do the following things:
Make your site load faster.
All the pages include Meta tags.
Decrease image size.
Every page has proper headings and subheadings.
All pages must be working fine, etc.

Is neuron writer used for SEO optimization?

The primary use of neuron writer is to create and refine the quality of content for your websites. But it also provides some functionality of SEO but is not developed for SEO optimization.

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