Videoder Review: The Best Free YouTube Video Downloader

Nowadays downloading videos from the internet is a crucial thing. But now we’re going to solve this problem for free. Sounds good?. This is the ultimate Videoder Review and we’ll explain why is best? and what’s good in it.

There are dozens of free and paid content downloading applications in this market. But most of the free apps are the worst & confusing.

But on the other hand, premium software works well but those are very expensive and most of us can’t afford them.

That’s why we’re presenting you the “Videoder” which is the best free YouTube & Facebook video downloader on the planet. I was shocked when I was searching for a reliable free youtube video downloader and found this wonderful application.

Now the good news is that Videoder is freely available for your PC or Smartphone. So before getting into its downloading process let’s get into some amazing features of this software.

Highlighted Features in Videoder

These were some main features of Videoder. When we look at its features, this is not just a youtube downloader, it’s an all-in-one downloading solution.

  • Available for MAC, Windows & Android
  • Download music or video from YouTube, Facebook
  • Inbuilt browser with an ad blocker
  • Up to 10x faster downloading
  • 4K video downloading

Download From Doesens of Websites

Not just you can download videos quickly and easily from youtube, you can download videos from Facebook, Insta, Twitter, TikTok, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, IMDB, and so much more.

So, Videoder can be the hub of entertainment for you and you can build your own collection of videos you love. Videoder is ideal when you’re facing poor internet issues. You can download and enjoy your favorite movies & music.

Download in Multiple Video Resolutions

This application allows you to download videos in many different resolutions. Although it depended on the uploader. But Videoder will not restrict you to download is one particular frame rate or video resolution. You’re free to download in your desired properties.

10x Fast Downloading

An exciting thing is Videoder downloads the video at a 10x faster speed than any other free or paid downloader. As soon as you click the download button, according to the video’s size and length, it will be downloaded faster than your expectations. So, do try it out if your movie, and web series lover.

Inbuilt browser with an Ad Blocker

A browser makes it extremely easy to navigate to the different sites. Videoder offers you a fast and secure web browser along with an ad blocker. If the web page contains a video, audio, or any other content that can be downloaded, Videoder will pop up the download links for that.

For third-party ads and unwanted popups, you’ll get an ad blocker option to get rid of these interruptions. All this will enhance your browsing experience.

How to Download & Install Videoder

In order to download Videoder, you can visit their official website. On the home page of their site, you’ll see the downloading options for Android and Windows.

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Click the download buttons for your desired device.
  3. MAC users can scroll down for their version.
  4. After downloading the setup file “Run it as an Administrator”
  5. As soon as you run the setup file, Videoder will be installed
videoder review

How to Download Videos on Videoder

When it comes to downloading videos, so on all devices it’s the same process whether you’re using a PC or smartphone.

  1. Open the Videoder app on your device
  2. Select the site that you wanna download from
  3. You can also select the youtube video from the trending section
  4. Or just paste the URL of the desired video at the top bar
  5. After entering the video link, Videoder will show you the download links
  6. Just select the video resolution and press start download
  7. You’re done! The downloading will be started.

All these things will be applied for other sites, just open the page that contains the video or any other downloadable content. Videoder will automatically pop up the download links to you. Just select the resolution and you’re done.

You might be thinking, how to download audio. So just go to your audio page and select levels for your audio from downloading pop up.

Wordict – Videoder Review

This is how you can download youtube videos for free. So just download Videoder and enjoy with your first download.

Hope you enjoyed this guide, if you’ve any question, feel free to leave a comment down below. We’ll be happy to answer your query.

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