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Creating an engaging and converting video is pretty hard and requires good editing skills. But in this Ai era, it’s become super simple to create highly professional videos in minutes. With Pictory Ai you can create amazing videos within a few clicks.

This is a Pictory Ai Coupon code that you can use to save 20% of your subscription. Pictory is a simple-to-use software offering excellent video creation features. With Pictory, you can turn your text into videos in no time.

You can convert web articles to videos, Edit videos using text, visuals to videos, and more. The feature I love in Pictory is Text to video, where you just have to prepare a good script that you can do with ChatGPT.

And then use that script to create a video using Pictory Ai. So to start with Pictory, just click the button below and make sure to use “aftab40” to get 20% off.

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