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Proxy Seller is a trustworthy site that offers Proxy IPs for various countries. The best part is they’re extremely affordable and reliable. But I’m gonna share with you a Discount coupon that you can use to get some more discount on the IPs you buy.

When it comes to getting a Proxy for any purpose, there are a lot of websites offering it. But a maximum of those are scammy or expensive. But Proxy Seller is super affordable and offers a variety of Proxy types e.g. IPv4, IPv6, ISPS, and Mobile.

When you get the Proxy IP from the Proxy Seller, they provide you with all the proxy details within a few minutes in your account and email. If you wanna get a dedicated IP, you can check out our practical guide on How to set up with Proxy Seller step by step.

You can get a static IP of any country or location you want by clicking the button below. There are Proxy Seller Coupons available, make sure to use “AFTAB15” at the checkout to get an extra 15% discount. To learn more, you can check out my detailed review here.

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