Hey friends. I’m Aftab Hassan a YouTuber, blogger, and entrepreneur. I’m from Pakistan and live in Saudi Arabia. I started my online journey way back in 2017 by learning Graphic design because I heard about Freelancing so I thought, I’d offer Graphic Design services as a freelancer.

I didn’t know much about online business or making money online. I started my freelancing journey as a Graphic Designer. Along with that, I kept learning and exploring new skills such as SEO, Blogging, and Affiliate Marketing.

I was amazed when I got my first job on Fiverr. Along with freelancing, I started my YouTube channel in 2018 where I used to share all I was learning. Now, we’re an 18K family on YouTube and a small team working online and generating business through a YouTube channel, blogging, and affiliate marketing.

In this blog, I share my practical knowledge, tools, and resources to help you build and grow your online business. You can subscribe to my Weekly Newsletter, so I can send you deep insights and actionable tips to make passive income online.

When we get into the online business industry, there are tons of online businesses e.g. Blogging, Affiliate Marketing e.g. E-commerce, Dropshipping, and Social Media Marketing. Sometimes this becomes confusing for beginners like where to start. So, my mission is to teach you everything I have, to help you build a successful business online.

You can join me on different social platforms where we discuss it all practically. All of our videos are freely available on YouTube, and Facebook. + I would recommend you consider Subscribing to my Weekly Newsletter to know more about what I’m doing. You’ll get notified when a new post comes up. If you’ve any questions, reach out to me at contact@aftabhassan.com.

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