Picmaker Review: Your Ai Social Media Manager

If you wanna create eye-catching designs for your content and social media, but are not interested in learning complex designing tools. Introducing Picmaker, a dynamic and innovative designing tool that can help you design your social media posts, thumbnails, banners and so much more.

Picmaker is an amazing online designing tool that makes it so easy to create vibrant designs in seconds. You just need to search for the design you wanna create, there are over 10,000 pre-designed templates to choose from.

Pick the one you link and edit the Text and images, add Icons and visual elements to your design from their huge library. No extra editing and designing skills are required, and you can prepare your design in minutes. This is gonna be a comprehensive Picmaker Review, and we’ll discuss all you need to know about it.

Furthermore, Pickmaker also gives its users access to free stock images. I can’t discuss all of its features in the intro, so let’s dive in and see all of its features and how to use Picmaker. There is a lot to discuss so stay tuned to find out if this is gonna be your next design partner.

picmaker review

Ai-powered background remover

Picmaker not only gives a charming effect on videos or pictures but you can also remove the background from the objects with perfection. It’s AI-powered background removal takes a 1-click to detect the background from the subject.

You can also add that iconic outline around your subject that gives that pop look, and it’s with one click, just select your image and click on the Stickerify button at the top and it’ll put a nice outline to your subject. You can adjust the weight of the outline and hit ok.

10,000+ Pre-designed templates

Picmaker offers a wide range of templates for different designs. You can find templates according to the theme and color combination e.g. Social media, marketing, education, and sales. All the templates are easy to customize and editable, just click to import and change anything you want.

MAD button

picmaker review

If you are confused while choosing the correct fonts, and background for your design, no worries, this MAD button is a game changer. Just click the Colorful MAD button on the right of your screen. It will bring up completely different layouts and color combinations of your design with every single click. Crazy right?

Just keep clicking the MAD button and it will keep suggesting the various color options. Now you can easily pick up the right font, background, or color just by accepting the suggestions. A huge thanks to AI which makes it possible to edit our desired design and give it a new and classy look.

Along with the MAD button, you get a Fonts and Colors button that will affect a single font or colors in your design. So, if you only wanna change the entire font selection in your design, you can use that specific button.

Premium icons and visual elements

Every feature is admirable in the Pickmaker app because you’re getting all this at a reasonable price. There is a huge collection of icons and visual elements. Which allows you to choose the best icon for your posts, ads, and logos. Just click, or drag and drop to your design.

100 million plus Stock images

Now you don’t need to download pictures from various apps just to fulfill your requirement. Because the Picmaker app will provide its users with more than a million stock images to use in your designs. And you can use these images wherever you want. Not only this there are categories which contain pictures according to the theme.

Share your designs

If any of you want to show your edits or designs to your friends and colleagues, it’s pretty simple. Just click the Share button at the top right, copy the link of your design, set the role of the viewer, and share the link wherever you want.

Brand Kits

To help the audience to maintain their brand identity. Picmaker app allows their users to import their pics, fonts, and colors for their future use.

Powerful design tools

Another reason why people love this app so much is that this software does not only edit pictures normally but also gives its users access to make their posts impressive by design tools, adding text, trimming the video, adjusting the size, applying filters, effects, and much more.

Although there is a $18/mo subscription, if you wanna use Picmaker, currently there is a Lifetime deal available, that you can grab and enjoy the tool forever. This is a limited-time offer, so you must get it now, don’t worry it’s affordable.

Wait there’s something more about Picmaker

  • You can easily design your social media posts for any platform, From Facebook, and Instagram to Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Make attractive visual content like blogs and video visuals, posts, thumbnails, and banners by using this single app.
  • Make mind-blowing presentations that will surely impress your audience.
  • Not only this you can also make invitation cards, greeting cards, and other personal projects just with the help of Picmaker.
picmaker review

Pacemaker is an amazing software with a huge range of templates. Not only templates, but the users can also change the backgrounds, add stickers, make the picture more vibrant, change the color scheme, and much more. Moreover, these effects give the videos more charming effects and make them attractive to the audience. The capabilities of collaboration and sharing make this software impressive too.

There is a wide amount of amazing customizable templates and design your posts easily. So it’s for those who want to add vibrant effects to their photos or videos and give a professional look to them without paying a single penny.

Create multiple types of content

With the help of Canva, you can make any content just by using some simple techniques. Not only videos the users can create social media posts, infographics, and CVs. The basic subscription plan will cost you around $18 per month, but currently, there is an official lifetime deal available. And I would highly recommend you get one before it ends.

Why you should get Picmaker?

If we talk about the amazing editing skills and vibrant designs then both are on top. Both are amazing and provide their users with lots of incredible features. Moreover, both are very beginner-friendly and inexpensive. With the help of this article which is actually about Picmaker vs Canva, you can easily differentiate their features.

Creating amazing posts and ads Picmaker won’t place any logo or watermark on the ads as in its free version. But you can not avail this opportunity in other editing apps like YouTube thumbnail Maker or Canva.

Moreover, the free plan of Picmaker is more lavish than Canva because it offers you free background removal, a Unique selection of effects and templates, and social media posts.

Furthermore, you can make stunning designs for yourself just by using a Picmaker editing app. In other apps like Canva and Photoshop, the designs may not be unique because their range of templates is limited. But Picmaker gives its users a huge range of free and unique templates, thumbnails, and YouTube banners.

Another unbelievable feature of the Picmaker app is that you can link it to your other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Accounts. It will automatically share your desired post on your selected social media platform.

Picmaker is the best app to design your posts or ads. It has various charming effects which add spice to your posts and will make it more eye-catching. Not only this Picmaker has a friendly user interface and it allows you to share your files with your team members and friends.

So it’s clear that Picmaker is a more efficient editing app than Canva and gives its users many free features!

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