How to Get Proxy IP Address (Step by Step Guide)

In this fast paced-digital era, privacy and security are becoming so important than ever. Have you ever wondered, how you can browse the internet from any other location but without leaving a trace? You can use Proxy IP addresses. In this guide, I’ll walk you through step by step how to get Proxy IP address.

Proxy IP can be super helpful in accessing content restricted to certain geographical locations. When you use this IP, you’re actually accessing the internet from that particular location. Which is very useful when you want to access sites, and apps from another area of the world.

If you want to set up a proxy IP, I’m gonna share with you the easiest method to do that on your computer. First, I’ll show to How to Get Proxy IP Address of your desired location and then run it on your computer to access the internet from that location.

how to get proxy ip address

What is Proxy IP Address?

Let’s first see what is Proxy IP address, is because it’s important to know what it is, before setting it up. So, now you’re browsing the internet which means you’re using a dedicated IP address that looks like something in this format

You can always Google it to know about your IP address. This is your main identity on the internet and all the sites can see where you’re located, through this IP address.

So, the same goes for Proxy IP address, it’s like your virtual IP and you can get the IP of any country or location you want, and then if you use that IP to access the internet, you’re actually accessing from that specific country.

How to Get Proxy IP Address

Okay, now you know what is Proxy IP, let’s see how you can get one and set it up to use it for your purposes. Let’s say you want to get a USA Proxy IP Address, there are dozens of proxy-selling websites available but a maximum of those sites are suspicious and scammy.

I’m gonna share with you a trustworthy and simple-to-use site where you can get any type of Proxy IP address of any specific location. And the best part is, they’re extremely affordable and easy to use.

Yes, I’m talking about Proxy Seller, this is the site I use and recommend to get your IP. They’re a high authority site and have Millions of happy users. Hit the button below and visit this site, then I show you how to get Proxy IP address and see how to use it.

First I would recommend you go to the site and create your account first. Just click on the “Login” button at the top right and click on the “Sign Up” button.

how to get proxy ip address

Then it will take you to the login page, click on the “Sign Up” button and enter your email to sign in, or just log in with Google or Facebook.

how to get proxy ip address

Once you’ve created your Proxy Seller account, go back to the home page of the site. Where you can select your Proxy type and country in that you want to get a Proxy IP.

how to get proxy ip address

On the top menu, just click on “Proxy IPv4” and it will show you all the locations where you can buy a Proxy IP. So choose the location that you want, I’m going to the USA.

how to get proxy ip and port

Once you choose your desired country, it will take you to the plans page where you can enter the number of proxies you want, as of now I want a single proxy IP. So, I’ll enter and click Buy.

how to get proxy ip address

Now, fill out the form here and it’s super simple at the top you’ve defined your location, purpose of use, and rental period, I would recommend you go for 12 months, because it costs you less.

Then choose the Username and password in the middle, this will give us access to our proxy IP via username and password. And this is what we want.

Then enter your email and choose how you wanna pay, there is PayPal available or you can pay with Visa or MasterCard.

As you can see we’re being charged very little for 12 months of this dedicated IP. But you can use this coupon code “BCMGGV_545610” to get some more discount.

After filling out the form just click “Submit order” enter your payment details and complete your purchase. That’s it you’ve got a Proxy IP address of your desired country.

Where to find my Proxy IP details?

When you complete your order you get your Proxy IP details within a few minutes. You can get the details in your Proxy Seller Account as well as in your email.

how to get proxy ip address

Go to Proxy Seller, click on your account at the top right of the page, and go to “Orders” and it will show the order you just placed.

how to get proxy ip address

This is your newly purchased IP address and other details, copy them and save them in a separate document, we’ll need these details later on.

How to setup a Proxy IP address?

Now you have your Proxy IP details, let’s set it up. This is a valid working Proxy IP you just need a browser to plug this IP in and you’re good to go. It’s difficult in any other browser to add your custom IP address. So, I highly recommend you use an app called Gologin to access your IP.

It’s a free and very easy-to-use browser for multi-accounting and Proxy IPs. Just click on the link above and go to their official website.

gologin browser

Click on the Pricing at the top and this will take you to the pricing page of Gologin. Just scroll down and choose a Free plan which is enough for us to use and access our Proxy IP. Done, the Gologin will start downloading the app to your computer.


Open this setup file and click install and boom! The Gologin app will be installed on your computer and now we just need to plug our IP into this browser.


Now, open the Gologin browser and it will show this screen, now you need to create an account on Gologin to use it. So, just click below “I don’t have an account”. I will ask you for some details, just enter the details and log in to your account.

how to get proxy ip address

In this Gologin, click on “New Profile” then choose Proxy > My Proxy and it will ask you to enter your Proxy details, so grab your details that we copied from Proxy Seller earlier, like IP address, Port, Login, and password.

Then you can click on check proxy and it will tell you if the proxy is valid or working fine. After checking your proxy just click Create Profile.

gologin app

Now, you’ve created your new profile with the new and dedicated IP address, to your IP, just click on “Run” and it will open the new browser for you.

proxy seller

Congratulations, I’m now in the USA and you’re in your desired location. You’re using your dedicated Proxy IP now and whichever website you access, your new IP is going to be your primary Internet Protocol.

Conclusion – How to Get Proxy IP Address

There you have it, This was our practical guide on How to Get Proxy IP Address. We’ve successfully set up our new Proxy IP Address. This is your dedicated IP which means it’s not gonna change and will be yours as much as you keep renewing it.

Whenever you want to access your IP, just open Gologin and hit Run, and your browser will be opened. And when you want to renew your Proxy IP, just go to Proxy Seller, log in to your Account, and renew your IP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an open Proxy IP address?

The open proxy is used to run the virtual private network. And it helps the users hide their IP addresses from another public web server. It helps you save data breaches from hackers while you’re browsing the internet.

How to find a proxy IP address?

1. Click on the start button in the bottom left.
2. Search for Control Panel.
3. Open the Internet options.
4. Hit your connection tab > Lan settings > Your Proxy server and other details will be displayed.

Does Proxy Seller offer Static IPs?

Yes, the proxy we purchased in this post, is a dedicated and static IP. And this means I will always be using one IP.

Is Gologin browser free to use?

Yes, in their free plan, you can create 3 profiles and you can connect different proxy IPs to each profile.

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