Get Paid to Use Facebook (How to Make Money with Facebook)

There are dozens of ways to make money online. But do you know you can get paid to use Facebook? Sounds crazy right? yeah but that’s true. I’m gonna show you how to make money with Facebook.

Hey, I’m not talking about creating a Facebook page and publishing videos, then meeting the monetization criteria to earn money from your videos.

This is a secret and easy way to make money using Facebook. You might be wondering, what is it? So, let’s go and see how you can get paid to use Facebook.

Actually, there are small social media jobs that you can do to earn money online. If you’re a student or you’ve free time at home. You can complete small social media jobs to get paid.

These are super simple jobs and anyone can do this. If you’re ready to get started. Take this 1- Minute Quiz to find out which social media job suits you.

I know there are other popular ways to earn money from Facebook such as building an audience that watches your video. Then monetize your videos with Instream Ads. But it’s so time taking and can be frustrating.

So, give yourself a few hours a day to complete simple social media jobs to earn money with ease. Just follow the link below and take a 1-minute Quiz, to know the best jobs for you.

>> Social Media Jobs That Pay $25 – $50 Per Hour <<

Now, let’s move forward and explore some of the best ways to make money on Facebook. Wherever the audiences are, you have the opportunity to generate business. I mean Facebook grabs a huge number of users each month, with 2.9 Billion monthly active users.

As Facebook is a public platform and anyone can create content. You can do that too, and grab the audience’s attention. Let’s discuss the way to make money on Facebook.

get paid to use facebook

1- Facebook monetization methods

While the youtube monetization method is super simple. You just need to start and continue creating content and building your audience. Then you get to join the YouTube partner program to monetize your content. Apart from this, you earn from the paid promotions in your videos.

But Facebook offers different content monetization methods. Such as Instream Ads, Bonuses, Stars, and Brand Collaboration. You can utilize all of the others as you complete 1K followers on your page.

But enabling the primary Instream Ads monetization can be a difficult task. But this is the best way to earn money on your content. You actually need to meet the Facebook monetization criteria to run ads on your videos.

2- Facebook monetization criteria?

You can read all the criteria in your Creator Studio. In short, I’ll mention, what you need to get your page monetized on Facebook. If you’re publishing Reels regularly, and earn 1000 followers on your page, you’ll be eligible for Stars monetization.

If your fans like your video and want to appreciate it, they can give you stars that you can withdraw as money. On the other hand, you need the following, if you wanna earn from the instream ads on your videos.

  • At least 10,000 followers
  • You should get 600,000 minutes viewed in the last 2 months. That means, 10,000 hours of watch time in the last 60 days.
  • You should have 5 active videos.

Primarily you need to meet these requirements, to be eligible for Instream Ads monetization on your Facebook page.

how to make money online

How to Make Money from Facebook?

Now, you know all about monetization and criteria. Let’s go ahead and discuss, how to actually meet these criteria and make money. Or what are the other ways of making money on Facebook?

I would say if you wanna grow a Facebook page to make money, start creating content with consistency. Publish all types of content such as Images, Reels, and long-form videos to engage your viewers.

When you publish Niche content regularly, your relevant audience gets engaged and like your content, and ultimately follows you. As you complete your 1K followers, you’ll be able to turn on Stars on your videos.

Viewers will send you stars if they like your video. And you can withdraw as money. Try to make long-form videos of more than 3 minutes but engaging that hook the user to watch till the end. Interact with your audience Live to gain more watch time.

How to get paid to use Facebook?

So, the process of making money by monetizing your content on Facebook is time taking and requires patience. That’s why I would say if you wanna make quick money, you can do this by completing simple social media tasks.

You might be wondering to know, what are the jobs and whether are they suitable for me or not. You can find it out in a minute by taking a 1-minute quiz. Go ahead, find some amazing jobs, and get paid to use Facebook.

>> Social Media Jobs That Pay $25 – $50 Per Hour <<

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