The Best SSL Plugin for WordPress | Review & Setup

You might have noticed a lock sign before the URL of the website you visit. This lock sign indicates that this website is using HTTPS or SSL certificates on the website. So, the user trusts the website, and it’s super important to use an SSL certificate on your site.

In this modern era, millions of sites are made with WordPress, so in today’s guide, I’ll show you the Best SSL Plugin for WordPress and how you can configure to use an SSL certificate and show that secure lock on your website.

So, if you have a WordPress website, there are 100s of SSL plugins, and there are both free and paid plugins available, but thankfully, there are some reliable free plugins for SSL.

best ssl plugin for wordpress

1. Really Simple SSL

Most of the popular Web hosting companies offers SSL certificate for free, but a lot of those charge some extra money for your SSL certificates. But if you don’t have one, you can activate it with a single click using Really Simple SSL.

Before activating SSL on your site, make sure to take a backup and store the important files. This plugin is super lightweight and simple to use as you can see by its name.

The free version of the plugin is good enough to secure your site and show that lock icon. However, you can get their premium version for some additional features. Such as enabling Strict Transport security and more.

Along with this, the Really Simple SSL premium notify you via email about your SSL expiration and other important updates. So, getting a premium version is not a bad deal, but the free version is enough for beginners.

2. WP Force SSL

SSL certificate is a crucial part of your website and helps you tackle hackers and scammers. WP Force SSL is an excellent WordPress plugin to get an SSL certificate.

It does a great job handling viruses and malware. SSL is necessary to deal with cookies, hijacking, and making sure your site is not being wrongly accessed.

In order to activate SSL using WP Force SSL, just install and activate the plugin and enable Force HTTPS. It will redirect everything with HTTP to HTTPS.

And the new lock symbol will be there on your site. Most importantly, it’s helpful and secure for your visitors, if you’re grabbing their private info on your site.

The thing I love about this plugin is, it offers an “SSL testing tool“. So as you activate the SSL, you can check whether the SSL is working or not.

3. Auto-Install Free SSL

For those who’re looking for a free SSL certificate for the website, you can use this plugin to add one. To avoid reaching the expiring date, this plugin offers you a 30 days interval to renew your certificate.

This plugin automatically activates SSL if you have a cPanel Shared Web hosting. All of your important data will be safe such as passwords etc.

As soon as you configure the plugin, your visitors will be redirected to HTTPS web traffic which is a secure connection between your website and visitors.

4. WP Encryption

WP Encryption is a one-click SSL certificate SSL Plugin, designed to redirect your HTTPS to force HTTPS. Actually, when you install this plugin, it registers your site, and varify your domain name to issue the SSL certificate.

The configuration is hassle-free with automatic domain verification and SSL installation. The good thing is you can create certificate files to install them on your VPS or dedicated service. If it’s tricky for you, their support team can help you do that easily.

It will automatically renew the SSL after 90 days. Securing your website with an SSL certificate can help you rank higher in Google and generate potential traffic.

5. WC SSL Seal

If you’re running a WooCommerce website, you must have a secure connection to the user. Because you’ll be collecting users’ important information on the page. So, your site should be Protected with SSL to make it possible for users to make purchases.

WC SSL Seal plugin applies a secure seal and a secure connection will be displayed on the checkout page. You must have an SSL certificate before you set this up. After setting up SSL, you can activate this WC SSL Seal.

The thing I love about this plugin is you just need to activate it. In the WooCommerce area, there will be a Setting Screen where you can click the SSL Seal. And you’ll be able to see the website speed performance.

Conclusion – The Best SSL Plugin for WordPress

This is it for this guide, I tried to share with you some of my favorites, and the best SSL plugin for WordPress. I don’t wanna confuse you by mentioning so many plugins. These 5 options are the best in the business.

All of the plugins offer different features for your requirements. So pick one you think would be the best suitable for your WordPress website. If you’re a beginner and want a simple but easy-to-use plugin for SSL, Really Simple SSL would be a perfect choice.

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