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If you wanna Install Google Analytics to your WordPress Dashboard you’re in the right place. Here I will show you How you can easily Bring Google Analytics to your WordPress Dashboard.

With Google Analytics you will be able to see How many visitors are coming to your Website. What they are doing on your site and also how much time they are spending on the site. Google Analytics is an absolutely free tool to know about your audience and the traffic stats of your website.

In this article, I will show you how you can install Google Analytics to your WordPress Site. We don’t basically install Google Analytics we just connect google analytics to our WordPress Dashboard so that it shows all the stats of your website on your dashboard.

So, this will be very helpful for you, Instead of going to your Google Analytics account manually and check all the stats. This will allow you to see all the information on your WordPress Dashboard.

Okay, now you know what is Google Analytics and why should we use it. So, to add Google Analytics on your WordPress you will have to do these steps:)

  1. Sign up with Google Analytics
  2. Install the Google Analytics Plugin in your WordPress Site.
  3. Connect Google Analytics with your WordPress Site.

1. Sign up with Google Analytics

So, let’s start with the first step which is to sign up with google analytics. When you go to the you will see the main page of Analytics.

After reaching this page you need to sign up with Google Analytics OR If you already have an account of Google Analytics you can sign in to go to your account.

Click on Sign up at the right top of your screen to sign in and you will see a new window and there you will need yo Sign in to your Google Account.

So, Sign in to your Google Account and Click Sign in then you will see the next option.

Click on Sign up and this will bring a new form.

After clicking Sign up you will see a form fillup this form and click on *Get Tracking ID*  Then you will see the new popup

Now, this is the final step. Click * I Accept* to finalize everything and your Google Analytics account will be created a window and you will see the dashboard of your account.

So, this is the dashboard of your Google Analytics Account here you’ll see everything about your site. This was the first step of Installing Google Analytics on your WordPress, nowhere our first steps are finished.

Now the second step is to install the Google Analytics Plugin in your WordPress Website, Let’s go to WordPress Dashboard.

2. Install Google Analytics Plugin to your WordPress Website

Click on plugins > Add New. then the plugin section of WordPress will be opened.

And search for a plugin called *Google Analytics Dashboard* and you’ll find this plugin so, install it and activate and it will be installed in your WordPress Site. Now here our step 2 is finished now let’s move to step three which is to connect this Plugin to your Analytics account so let’s see How can we do that.

3. Connect the Analytics Plugin with your Analytics Account

As soon as you install this plugin you will see the new item called Google Analytics in your WordPress Dashboard.

So, click on Google Analytics > General Settings. when you’ll click this button you will see the new page.

So, here you will have to click on *Authorize Plugin and it will take you to the next page.

When you click on Authorize Plugin you will get this message so, click on *Get Access Code* to get it from your Google Analytics Account. It will take you to your analytics account.

In order to get an access code, you’ll need to click Allow

After clicking *Allow* you will get this code just copy it and come back to your previous page of WordPress.

And paste that code here and click *Save Access Code*

Then finally click on Save changes to finish the Linking. So, as soon as you click this button your Analytics Account will successfully be added to your WordPress Site. So, see the Analytics report just go to your WordPress Dashboard and scroll down.

And there you’ll see the number of visitors to your site. Also, you can check the report according to the months by clicking the button at the top.

I hope this article helped you. If you have any suggestion please let us know in the comments. If you want to see more WordPress Video Tutorials you can proceed to my YouTube Channel. And you can join me on Facebook and Instagram.

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