How to Change Login URL in WordPress

Securing a WordPress website is a crucial thing these days. There are dozens of WordPress plugins in the market for website security.

But all those plugins are complicated to use and set up, and working on the same model which is 2 steps verification on the WordPress website.

In this post, we’re going to solve this problem for WordPress users. We’ll share an extremely easy-to-use and simple plugin that will provide way better security to your site than these so-called security plugins.

What this plugin does is, usually we access our WordPress admin area by typing /wp-admin after the website’s URL. But this plugin will change this wp-admin URL and you’ll be able to set your custom login URL for your site. Sounds good!

Without wasting any time, the plugin is WPS Hide Login. This is a free plugin available on the WordPress repository, and you can download it directly to your WordPress site.

Now, let me show you how you can install this plugin, and How to Change the Login URL in WordPress. First, go to your WordPress dashboard, hover over the plugin, and click Add.

This will open up the WordPress plugins repository where you can install or upload new plugins. Search for a plugin called WPS Hide Login.

Just search for it then install and activate this plugin and it will be added to your website. Now it’s time to configure this plugin. You don’t need to do anything complex.

Head over to settings and click on WPS Hide Login, to open up the settings of this plugin.

As you open its settings, just scroll down and you’ll see an option called “Login URL” Just enter your favorite username/URL that you will be using. As soon as you click save, your new login URL will be replaced by the old one which was “wp-admin”.

Now your site won’t be accessible on the previous login URL and no one can even try to login to your site. You’ll have to enter this new username after your site’s URL, then you’ll be able to see the login page of your site.

Hope this article was helpful to you, and this was on how to change login URLs in WordPress. If you’ve any queries, you can leave them in the comments section.

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