How to Download YouTube Videos on Android For Free

If you wanna download YouTube videos officially, you’ll have to subscribe to YouTube Premium. But everybody doesn’t want to be a part of YouTube Premium. That’s why I’m writing this article to help you, How to Download YouTube Videos on Android for free.

One thing I should mention here, There are many paid applications in the market that you can use to download YouTube Videos. But, there are many free ways to download YouTube videos and watch them offline.

There are many youtube videos on How to Download YouTube Videos on Android but they are suggesting really complex methods. But, In this article, I’ll show you the easiest and free application which we’ll use to download YouTube videos.

Downloading YouTube videos is against Google’s terms and conditions because Google owns YouTube now, and Google wants its users to be online and watch the maximum content on YouTube to grow their business.

But maximum peoples love to see the videos offline, In this article, I’ll show a step-by-step method to download YouTube videos for free.

So, Let’s begin, In order to download YouTube videos, we’ll do these steps:)

  • Download the App
  • Install the App on your phone
  • Download a YouTube Video


So, we’ll download the app by using apk file so this is the app called *Videoder* I’ll provide the link of the app right down below, So, first I show How will you download the apk file and then install *Videoder* app and then download video with *Videoder* app.


Click on the *DOWNLOAD APP* Button and you’ll see a download page click on the download button and the downloading will be started.

As soon as you click *DOWNLOAD APP* Button you’ll see this download page click on the *DOWNLOAD* button and it will show the new page.

Here you’ll need to click on *SAVE FILE* and then click on the download and it will be downloaded on your mobile. This will help us to download youtube videos on android?

So, after downloading click on *OPEN* and you will see your apk file.

So, this is your apk file of the *Videoder* App click on that and it will ask you to install the *Videoder* app.

Click here on *INSTALL* and *Videoder App* will be successfully installed on your phone. Click on the icon of *Videoder* to open the app.


You will see this icon of the app, click on it and you will see the main interface of *Videoder*

This is the interface of *Videoder* So, you can download videos from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.. In this case we wanna download YouTube videos so we’ll click on YouTube and it will open the youtube. Find or search the video which you wanna download and open it.

For example, I have chosen this Wrestling video, So, after opening your video you will see the download links below the video, So, select the quality of your video, I will select MP4 1080p Full HD.

Click here on the *START DOWNLOAD* button and your download will start. You will have to wait for a few minutes. It depends on Video length and size. And it will be downloaded in your *DOWNLOADS* folder on your mobile phone.

So, to check the downloading Stats you can click on the right top of your screen on the *DOWNLOAD* icon and you’ll see all the downloading progress. So, that’s How to Download YouTube Videos on Android.

This same process goes for Facebook and Instagram. You just have to paste the URL of your Facebook & Instagram video to this app and you’ll get all the download links there.


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