Thriive Review: Everything You Need to Know About it

The Internet has provided us with a whole lot of opportunities to make money but it is not as simple as one would imagine. It takes time, effort, and most importantly the brains to analyze and target the right audience.

And it is the last part, where most individuals fail to capitalize and cannot get their websites to take off. In this Thriive review, we will review a service that has seemingly cracked the last part.

Luckily, Venkata Ramana has developed a service that is the most challenging for you. It is one of the highly demanded services in affiliate marketing that has the potential to give you the boom that you are looking for.

As an affiliate marketer, I am sure you have tried everything but it has not delivered results. Why? You may ask! What you have tried is either too complicated, too risky, or too technical. And let’s be honest we are not all Steve Wozniak which is why we need a service that gets the job done for us. Thriive is exactly that.

So, what really is Thriive? – Thriive Review

What makes anyone a great affiliate marketer? It is their ability to hunt down areas with the least competition. And if you had anything else in your mind, you my friends are way off. Thrive lets its users plug into a proven but underused low-competition formula. The best part? It is as simple as operating an old gaming console.

Thriive targets audiences and sub-audience with a formula that is not very popular and does not offer much competition. Even those who are just starting out can use the service to excel as a marketing affiliate.

The application helps you find the profitable areas that most people are unaware of and generates a hub around core triggers.  As a result, users can get evergreen and passive results.

Pros – Thriive Review

  • Affordable price tag
  • Training in included
  • No additional cost
  • Works in hundreds of niches
  • Rapid delivery of ethical results
  • Cloud-based app – Allows you to use it anywhere on any device
  • Provides instant access to the thrive Micro System Software
  • Generates multiple streams of income
  • No technicalities are involved – Makes it beginner friendly
  • Minimal competition
  • Shows hidden audiences in the blink of an eye
  • Verifies the potential of a profitable audience

Cons – Thriive Review

  • All 5 upgrades are mandatory to get access to the full features of the product
  • Errors are expected as it is a new service

Features of Application – Thriive Review

Some of the salient features of the thriive are as follows:

  • Allows you to create on Thriive website
  • Syndicate the website for you
  • Comes with a built-in keyword/niche-finding plug-in. It lets you know the competition and the potential of the different products or niches.
  • Drill down tool to explore the niches that you want to target
  • Validation tool to assess the potential of the chosen niche. If the tools validate the niche, it guarantees that the product would work provided that all confounding variables are sorted.
  • Idea finalization lets you select the most appropriate keyword and allied keywords for the given niches.
  • Website creation to help you optimize the site according to SEO and organic placement of the websites on search engines.
  • Generates the content for the websites though you get a limited number of content in a month.
  • Input the problems and solutions and the application would help you find the topics for the article that you can post on the websites.
  • Analyze the YouTube videos and extract the content for you to post on the blogs.
  • Helps you to monetize the website.
  • Enables the options of banner ads, click bank and Amazon ads.
  • Full training to use the services.

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How to Use Thriive? A brief overview – Thriive Review

I will give a complete guide on how to use thrive in a later section but for those who are too busy to read the entire article, this is a brief summary.

In order to activate the thriive microsystem, you would have to follow four simple steps.

1. Goldmine

You would have to use the goldmine to explore profitable areas and several core triggers. Thriive would validate the potential of these areas before you proceed to the next step.


In the next step, you would have to create something called “T.E.S.B”. This is essentially a tiny evergreen super business around which thrive would generate a hub.

3. Multiple Income Streams

In the second last step, you would have to plug either one, two, or all of the Thriive income generators.

4. Activation

In the last step, all you have to do is to activate the TSB hub and proceed to your business.

Detailed Guide on How To Use Thrive – Thrive Review

Users who have experience using similar services may have understood the above-mentioned steps. But, for those who are just getting started, it is simply too technical. In this section of the Thriive Review, I will give a detailed guide on every single step that you have to follow.

Step No. 1: Create The Website

When you log into the Thriive you would have to create your new websites. In order to create the websites, you would have to enter the credentials like the sub-domain name, the title of the website, meta keywords, and the meta tags of your websites. You must fill the form with great caution as once done, these credentials cannot be changed.

After filling out the entire form, click on the “Generate Site” button. It would lead you to the next step. In case you find it difficult a tutorial is available that you can access by clicking on the right side of the form.

Tutorials guide you about each step and a pdf of the steps can also be downloaded.

Step No. 2: Configuration of Website

Once you are done with creating the website, you have to configure it to optimize as per search engines and other factors.

As mentioned above, you cannot change the name of a sub-domain once you have entered it. Hence, you must take great caution. However, as for the other things like titles, SEO keywords, etc., these can be changed whenever you want.

So, what should you do for the SEO titles and SEO keywords? Here is what

SEO Title: SEO title is essentially what the users would use to search for the websites. Therefore, you have to include the most important keywords and phrases that you believe your potential visitors would use.

SEO keywords: These keywords are the crux of content that you would post on your websites. The articles, guides, and all the other content that you would be posting on it. Thus, you should include short words and phrases that the target audience would use. For example, if your website has content on laptops, the keywords should be “best laptops”, “affordable laptops”, “gaming laptops”, etc.

Another thing you must know about is the Cname URL. It is a feature that helps you direct the traffic from your other websites to your Thriive website. Thus, if you have a working website with considerable traffic, you must use this feature.

Take this for an example: If you own a website, let’s say, http://demo.thriive,net and you want to appear when the users search for let’s say, you would have to use the CName URL. But in order to use this feature, it is mandatory to add Cname on the server of your other website.

The tutorial to help you with the process is available on the Thriive application. All you have to do is to follow the step-by-step guide.

Step 3: Customize the Website

Now that website is created, you do not want it to look dull and boring, or do you? In order to make your website look appealing, you would have to click on the Appearance button. Do not worry, you would have to hire an expert graphic designer for this task.

Clicking on the appearance button would lead you to a screen that has a plethora of layout options. You choose the layout that either has a sidebar or does not. In addition, you can choose from a number of different logos, favicons, and formats of website descriptions.

Furthermore, you can also pick from a variety of colors that you think would make the page even more appealing. It will also allow you to write the pixel code for the body and head tags.

When you are done customizing the website, click on the submit button and visit the website to see if the changes have been processed.

Step 4: Use Keyword Search Tool and Generate Articles on the Website

Now that website is ready to go, it is time to upload some content on it. And in order to do that, you would have to find the right keywords. To do that, go to the dashboard and click research.

It is best that you search for the small niches that do not offer much competition. This will help you target a specific audience and bring traffic of great potential. And do not worry, you do not have to find these niches on your own.

All you have to do is to pick categories, countries, ranges, and search types to get the niches that you can work on. The application will generate the title, long tail keywords, tags, and categories on its own.

You may see the term “break out” under some categories, it would mean that the underlined term has grown 5000% over the range. All the other terms would have a percentage next to them indicating the growth of the search.

After selecting the categories, proceed to the “Create Article” button. Clicking on this button would allow you to either create a manual blog post or you can get the articles from PRL websites. You would also be able to add tags and edit the thumbnails.

Scrolling down the page would show you the references of the PLR websites. You can edit or customize the article as per your blog post. You would not get a strike or plagiarism on any of the listed articles. If you do not have the time to edit the article, simply use the spin content option from thriive.

Step 5: Important Product Using API Keys

You have to get the API keys from Amazon or eBay to enlist as an affiliate and enter those keys on the settings tabs. After entering these keys, proceed to the dashboard and choose the domain where you want to enlist the products.

Follow these steps in order to enlist the products:

  • Click on the imported product
  • Type details to get the results
  • You will see a number of products to choose from
  • View the website and see if the changes have been processed.

You can also add the product manually. The option of “add product manually” would appear on the same screen. Clicking on it would lead you to a form where you have to enter the necessary details to get the product enlisted.

Step 6: Create Banners For Marketing

To generate the marketing banners, you would have to use the “Marketing tool” that you can find on the dashboard. It will lead you to a screen where you generate several marketing tools for the advertisement of the website. You have the liberty to choose from different types, and positions and enter the URL of your choice on the generated banner or any other advertisement material.

Once you are done entering the details, simply click on “create” and it would generate the desired marketing element.

Step 7: Creation of Multiple Pages

To add more pages to the website, you would have to click on the “manage page” option. It will show a box and an option to create more pages. All you have to do is to enter the content and title to generate the new pages.

The “Term and Conditions” page is already present on the website, so do not have to create it by yourself.

Conclusion – Thriive Review

Now that you have skimmed through the entire article you must know how easy it is to operate this application. It saves time and money that goes into hunting down the right niches. The application is helpful for both beginners and experts alike.

We hope this article has been helpful. If there is anything that you want to add or ask about Thriive Review, let us know in the given section. We would love to respond.

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