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Nowadays generating free traffic from social media is a really popular method. Everyone wants to promote their businesses on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc… In this article, I will teach you How to Make Clickable Image for Facebook.

So, what is it? You see a lot of images on Facebook on a daily basis. You can easily make a clickable image for your Facebook posts. Like if a user clicks on your Facebook image, Facebook just pops that image up.

But, if you add your desired link to that image, your image will be converted into a clickable image. Then if your user clicks on your image it will take him to that link which you will insert into your image.

I’ll show you the easiest method to convert a normal image to a clickable image. So, In order to do it, we’ll use a website called This is a really simple website where you can make a clickable image. So, click here to go to that website.

how to make clickable image for facebook

This is a website simply click on *Browse File* button and select your image which you wanna post on Facebook as a clickable image.

how to make clickable image for facebook

Here in the first box Enter the title. Describe your post in the second box. In the next box paste that link which you wanna embed in your image. In the last box, select *large* and finally click on the *Finish* button. Done!

It will generate a link that we want.

how to make clickable image for facebook

Here is it. Just click on the copy button to copy the link and go to Facebook to post it.

clickable image for facebook

So, as you can see, as soon as I paste that link here on Facebook. It will generate a big clickable image. So, now if any user clicks on our image it will go to that link which we’ve inserted before. Whether it is a YouTube link or any website’s link etc…

So, that’s how we can easily create a clickable image for facebook. Now let’s talk a little bit about This is absolutely free tool to make clickable images. But if you use it regularly, you’ll have to create your account on this website which is free.


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